Office 44 Dean St., Newcastle.

Certified 24th July 1868 and re-certified 16th April 1874 for 300 boys.  The Wellesley was burnt out in 1914 and the boys were transferred to Tynemouth Palace which was certified 2nd April 1914 for 300 boys.  The boys were then transferred to buildings ashore, at Blyth, North Shields which was re-certified in 1920 for 200 boys.

There was an Auxiliary Home which was located at either 15 The Lawes or Lawe Road South Shields which was certified for 19 boys and ran until 1931 and had connections with GREENS HOME  industrial school, mile end road, south shields, co. Durham.


1869 - Captain Pocock, R.N., superintendent; schoolmaster Mr Peake; chief officer Mr Delaney.

1872 - Captain C.A.B. Pocock, R.N., superintendent; chief officer Mr Delaney.

1881 - Ship's Master John Thomas Clark.

1884 - Capt. G.S. Deverell R.N., chief officer Mr R. Marsh; chief schoolmaster Mr W. Elford.

1891 - Captain Superintendent, Captain H Dudley Ryder, succeeded in November by Lieutenant Baynham R.N.; chief officer Mr Marsh; schoolmaster Mr Elford; assistants Mr Wilkinson and Mr Potts.

1893 - Captain Superintendent, Captain H. Baynham R.N.; chief officer Mr Marsh; schoolmaster Mr Elford; assistant schoolmasters Messrs. Sandercomb, Shearlaw, Wilkinson, and Potts.

1901 - Captain Superintendent, Captain H. Baynham, late R.N.; chief officer Mr F. Jordan, master-at-arms R.N.; head schoolmaster Mr G.W. Phaup; assistant schoolmasters Mr Potts, Mr Huntingdon and Mr Wm. Aedy, was appointed 5th August 1899.  Mr Pattinson left 27th February, 1899; chief instructor, Mr Hewett.

1903 - Captain Superintendent, Captain H. Baynham R.N.; acting chief officer Mr Mewett; school master Mr G.W. Phaup; assistant teachers, Mr T. Potts, Mr C. Huntingdon and Mr M Maciver; chief instructor Mr Trayburn.