Certified 9th December 1854 for 80 boys and re-certified 15th April 1905 for 80 boys.   Cessation of certification or closure in 1925.

Enlarged farmhouse over an area of 27 acres.


1867 - House superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Manning; schoolmaster Mr Davis.  Mr Hancock still has the general superintendence of the institution, and especially of the cultivation of the farm.

1868 - Farm managed by Mr Hancock; house superintendents Mr Manning and his wife; schoolmaster Mr Davis.

1869 - Farm Mr Hancock

1872 - Superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Manning; farm manager (who, however, has now a large farm on his own hands to attend to) assistant Mr Hadly; schoolmaster Mr Shaw.  General remarks - The institution has much improved in many respects under the care of Mr Joseph Sturge, who has devoted much time and attention to its management, but his efforts cannot have their merited success without more effective superintendence.

1884 - Superintendent Mr McGilchrist; matron Mrs McGilchrist; assistant matron Miss Anderson; schoolmaster Mr Patterson; farm bailiff Mr Hadley.  General remarks - Great care is taken in keeping up communication with discharged boys.  Mr Sturge has a meeting of old boys in Birmingham every Christmas, and old boys are at all times welcomed at the school.  There is a large amount of correspondence carried on with old boys in all parts of the world.

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs J. McGilchrist; mistress Miss Anderson; schoolmaster Mr A.E. Woodruff; assistant schoolmaster Mr A.C. Smith; farm bailiff Mr Thos. Hadley

1892 - Superintendent John McGilchrist.

1893 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs J. McGilchrist; head teacher Mr A.E. Woodruff; farm bailiff Mr Thos. Hadley; assistant farm bailiff Mr Suffeld.

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs James Campbell; schoolmaster Mr A. Woodruff; Mr T.S. Bradbury succeeded as assistant teacher on 22nd August 1899; Mr L.L. Sadler who left on 4th August 1899

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Campbell; deputy superintendent and head schoolmaster Mr A. E. Woodruff; assistant teacher Mr T.E. Bradbury