The school was built in 1889 and certified 30th October 1889 for 37 girls, It was enlarged in 1894 to accommodate 55 girls.  A group of 6 buildings, two houses one for 30 girls the other for 25 girls.  May have moved to Stafford in 1916 as a Reformatory School.  The name WISSAGE SCHOOL may have been used.  See INDUSTRIAL HOME FOR GIRLS, SANDON ROAD, STAFFORDSHIRE.


1891 - Superintendent Miss Elizabeth Heslop; assistant Miss Peasland.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Elizabeth Heslop; assistant Miss F. Peasland.

1900 - Superintendent Miss E. Heslop; schoolmistress Miss A. Wallator; assistant matrons Miss F. Peasland and Miss L. Digwood.

1903 - Superintendent Miss E. Heslop.  Miss Phillips left on 28th February 1903 to become superintendent of the Toxteth Park Reformatory, Liverpool.  She was succeeded as teacher by Miss M. Cheshire on 7th April 1902.