Certified 29th May 1901 for 65 boys, re-certified 24th October, 1903 for 150 boys.  Cessation of certification, or closure 1924.

Auxiliary Home, Tulketh Hall, Cannon Hill Ashton, Preston, Lancs.

Certified 29th May, 1901 for 30 boys re-certified 10th June 1914, Cessation of certification, or closure 1923.

Care of Brothers of Charity

The buildings cover nearly three acres of ground.  The historic and ancient Tulketh Hall is a cosy home for poor and friendless working boys who are carefully tended by the brothers in charge.  It stands on the site of the ancient hospice of St Mary Magdalene, built about the year 1110.  The Industrial School stands in the ground of Tulketh Hall and is certified for 150 boys, the original building cost 3,000 and have been extended at a further cost of 4,000.  The buildings are model in every way, replete with the most modern and scientific appliances in every department.  The Sanitation is perfect, the air pure and bracing and it possesses the advantage of a very spacious and well filled gymnasium.


1903 - Brother Palladius Gibson and 5 Brothers of Charity ; Schoolmaster, Mr J. Thompson.