The school was founded 1854 or 1858 by Belgian nuns at Everton Flags, Everton Terrace, Liverpool, at first it was mixed school.  Certified 30th December 1861 for 275 boys, girls unknown.  In 1863 removed to West Derby Road, the former West Derby Fever Hospital that had been modified internally to accommodate the children, 2/3rds girls and 1/3rd boys.  Re-certified 13th June 1867 for boys only.  The girls were sent to ST GEORGE’S INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS FOR ROMAN CATHOLIC GIRLS, FAIRFIELD, LONDON ROAD, FRESHFIELD, FORMBY

From 1933 it became an Approved School.

 Auxiliary Homes

Holy Trinity, 23 Alfred Street which continued operating until 1932

Boys Auxiliary Home, 47 Everton Terrace which was certified 5th April 1904 for 28 boys.