Certified 25th March 1862, the school was re-certified 22nd May 1877.   19th June 1879 the new house at Shadwell Lane was certified for 180 boys.

Institutional building 5 miles out of Leeds, set in 28 acres.  Mr Clark of OXFORD DAY INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL was appointed superintendent in 1879.  F Thomas Master, his sister Miss H.H. Thomas, Matron in 1879.  Richard F. Thomas (b. 1865) Master 1881.  New Matron in charge April 1882.  The Rev. N.E. Leigh was at Shadwell 1896.

Became an Approved School for 150 boys from 1933.


1866 - Mr Ambler and his daughter have taken over until a replacement could be found for the schoolmaster Mr Colbeck how had just died from Typhus fever.  Miss Crompton has charge of the instruction of the girls (i.e., the day scholars, the girls under detention being boarded out, and having been sent to Harrogate for their health at the time of my visit, 23rd August 1866).

1867 - Mr & Mrs Ambler have the general superintendence, assisted by their daughters.  Mr Milnes instructs the boys, Miss Crampton the girls, in the general school.  Miss Lund and Miss Ardale have the care of the girls under detention.

1868 - Mr Ambler and his wife and daughters have the general superintendence and management but reside out of the institution.  The schoolmaster Mr Milnes and the schoolmistress Miss Crampton, attend only for the purpose of instruction for the morning and afternoon.  The separate school for the girls under detention are under the care of a mistress Miss Lund.

1869 - Mr Ambler has the general superintendence of the schools; he also gives his attention to the shoe-black brigade, employing 10 to 20 boys.  Teacher Miss Crampton; master Mr Milnes; schoolmistress Miss Martin. Comments "The girls under detention were lodged, I found, in a building called the Convalescent Home, lent to the Committee by the Board of Guardians temporally; this is to all intents and purposes a separate school, superintended by the matron Miss Land and the schoolmistress Miss Crampton.  The house in Springfield Terrace has been given up as a dormitory for girls; but a certain number of boys still sleep there, as the building now used as a lodging house can only accommodate about 70.  The managers propose to carry on the ragged school in separate premises, and leave the schoolroom in Edgar Street entirely for the children under detention"

1872 - Superintendent Mr Ambler; schoolmaster Mr Milne.

1884 - Superintendent Mr Paul; matron Mrs Paul; schoolmaster Mr Broadbelt; assistant schoolmaster Mr Whitehead.

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Dimery; schoolmasters Mr Broadbelt and Mr Day.

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Dimery; head schoolmaster Mr Walter Speight; assistant schoolmasters Messrs Broadbelt and Day; bandmaster and drill-instructor, Mr Joyce.

1901 - Superintendent Frederick Geo. Dimery; matron Alice Dimery.

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs F.G. Dimery; assistant matron Miss M. Line; schoolmaster Mr E. Sykes; assistant schoolmasters Messrs. R. Broadbelt and Mr E. Day.