Certified 20th October 1891.  The Intention was to close on the  22nd January 1906 but this was withdrawn in February the same year.  The school eventually closed in 1909.


1893 - Superintendent Miss Blakey; schoolmistresses Miss Dawson, Mrs Dugdale and Mrs Taylor. On 19th September 1893 there were 103 boys and 21 girls.

1900 - Superintendent Miss Dobbings; teachers Miss Bentley, Miss M Thackerah and Miss Lodge who succeeded Mrs Taylor on 25th July.  The latter left on 25th April.  Between 31st March 1900 and 4th June 1900 there were 101 boys in school 16 on license and 1 absconder and 8 girls in school.

1903 - Superintendent Miss L.A. Dobbings; assistant teachers Miss M. Thackrah and Miss A. Kirkby.  Between 26th March 1903 and 16th July 1903 there were 44 boys in the school and two out on license and 18 girls in the school and three on license.