Certified 25th October 1884.  Re-certified 17th July 1888 for 60 girls at the new premises.  Re-certified again  28th March 1912 for 75 girls.

Cessation of certification or closure 1919

A pleasant institutional building 1.1/2 miles from the city centre.


1891 - Superintendent Mrs Tyrer; schoolmistress Miss Reeve.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Atkin; schoolmistress Miss Moss.

1900 - Superintendent Mrs Mackie; schoolmistress Miss Pierce; laundress Miss K Lambert.

1903 - Superintendent Mrs Mackie; Miss Hassock succeeded as teacher on 18th July 1903, Miss Pierce who left on 2nd July 1903.

1909 - Superintendent Mrs Isabel Mackie.

1913 - Matron Miss Martha Parkinson; Teacher Miss Mary Chalmers.

1919 - Superintendent Miss M Parkinson.