Adjacent to the Girls' Industrial School

Certified 22nd June 1860 for 52 girls, this certificate was lost at sometime during the period 1903 until the school was certified again on  22nd June 1907 for the reception of 50 girls.

Closed 5th May 1919.

A former private residence which had been extended to house the school.


1866 - Matron Miss Kaye; schoolmistress Miss Gordon.

1867 - Matron Miss Kaye.

1868 - Superintendent Miss Kaye; schoolmistress Miss Robertson.

1869 - Superintendent Miss Kaye; school teacher Miss Munro.

1872 - Superintendent Miss Kaye; schoolmistress Miss Marshall; assistant Miss Haddrick.

1884 - Superintendent Miss Kaye; schoolmistress and assistant Miss Welch.

1891 - Superintendent Miss McGillivray; schoolmistress Miss King; sewing mistress Miss Kilner.

1893 - Superintendent Miss McGillivray; assistant matron Miss Hardy; schoolmistress Miss King.

1900 - Superintendent Mrs Kellas; teacher Miss King; assistant matron Miss Barnard; recreation mistress Miss M Coates; laundry matron Miss Lake; sewing teacher Miss Wakefield.

1903 - Superintendent Mrs Kellas.  Miss King, who had been a teacher for 14 years left on 21st February 1903 to take charge of the Industrial School; Miss Robb was appointed 23rd February.

1914 - Superintendent Miss A.M. King.