Founded in the summer of 1852 by John Ellis and Joseph Sturge at Ryland Road.  Moved in 1853 to Saltley with the help of C.B. Adderley. A purpose-built school

The first Reformatory School to apply for registration.  Certified 26th August 1854.  Re-certified at Bordesley Green, Birmingham for 100 children.  Renamed Norton Boys' Home/Norton Training School in 1908.  It became an Approved School from 1933.

John Ellis went to Norfolk Reformatory School, Catton, Nr Norwich.  STOKE PRIOR, WORCESTER is an off-shoot of it founded by Joseph Sturge.


Note - the spelling of Humphreys and Humphries has been transcribed as shown and not a typing error

1866 - Mr Humphries; schoolmaster Mr Wood (replacing Mr Cook)

1867 - Superintendent and matron Mr and Mrs Humphreys.

1868 - Superintendent Mr Humphreys and wife, schoolmaster Mr Evans

1869 - Mr Humphreys

1872 - Superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Humphreys; schoolmaster, Mr Westacott (since replaced by Mr Tailor).

1884 - Superintendent, Mr Plummer; matron Mrs Plummer; schoolmaster, Mr Logan.

1891 - Superintendent,  Mr H. Fish; matron Mrs Fish; schoolmaster Mr Arnold

1893 - Superintendent, Mr H. Fish, succeeded by Mr Arnold; matron Mrs Fish; schoolmaster as the time of inspection Mr Arnold; assistant teacher Mr R. Jones. (Mr Harry Fish, who had been a most zealous and efficient superintendent for eight years, died in August (1893) of pericarditis.  He may be said to have been born in the work, as his father was appointed to the charge of Hertfordshire Reformatory School when Mr H. Fish was two years old.  On Mr Fish's death Mr Arnold was appointed superintendent on probation, and appointment which was afterwards confirmed and Mrs Fish's services as matron were retained).

1900 - Superintendent Mr S. Arnold; matron Mrs H.F. Fish; schoolmaster Mr F.W. Ridley; assistant schoolmaster Mr James T. Fish

1903 - Superintendent Mr S. Arnold; matron Mrs Fish; head schoolmaster Mr F.E.C. Jones; assistant schoolmaster Mr J. Hall; band and drill instructor Mr Barber; tailor Mr Blake. The inspector remarked as follows:- The school - the doyen of reformatories- this year celebrated its jubilee.  This period has been one of progress; and the Committee can to-day congratulate themselves on the efficiency of their school.  It must, indeed, be a rare pleasure to those whose names are so intimately associated with the commencement of the Reformatory Movement to see their ideas of fifty years ago so fully realised.