Certified 4th February 1884.  Re-certified 5th June 1903 for 280 children.

Cessation of certification or closure in 1928.

Erected in 1883 and opened in 1884.  A compact and well arranged purpose-built school.   A structure of red brick consisting of a basement and two floors above, and on each side of the building are playgrounds.  The school was established for the reception of neglected children in order to prepare them for elementary education; and is managed by a committee of the Liverpool School Board, the parents or friends of the children paying 2/- weekly for each child, and for this small sum, the children are educated, fed and taught useful trades, such as mat and sack making.  They continue under the supervision of the committee for three years, during which period they are transferred to local elementary school for the advancement of their education before starting life.


1884 - Superintendent Mrs Charlotte Parry, formerly superintendent of the South Corporation Day Industrial School ; teachers, Miss Rigby, Miss Armstrong and Miss Lee.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Elizabeth Cregg ; assistant Miss Rigby ; assistant teachers Miss Ronayne, Miss Willy, Miss Watmough, Miss Mann and Miss Pursell ; clerk Miss Spencer ; caretaker Mr Jones.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Elizabeth Cregg ; first assistant Miss Waite ; assistant teachers Miss Purcell, Miss Willie, Miss Redmond and Miss Goodacre ; caretaker Mr J.R. Jones ; cook Mrs McGowan ; clerk Miss O'Brien.

1900 - Superintendent Miss Cregg ; teachers Mrs Benson, Miss Willie, Miss Campbell, Mrs Dix, Miss Redmond and Miss Green ; clerk Miss O'Brien.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Cregg ; teachers Mrs M. Benson and the misses A. Willie, B Green and Redmond.  Miss Baxter left 31st July 1902 and was succeeded by Miss Whitehead on 1st February 1903.  Miss Campbell left on 31st December 1903 and was succeeded by Miss Purcell on 1st February 1903.  Clerk Miss J. O'Brien, industrial mistress Miss E. Loughlin.