Records    London County Council Inspectors Report EO/PS/12/SP/160/1 - date of visit 3rd November 1920 "This school is one of the architectural features of neighbourhood and stands on a hill slop overlooking Bath.  An imposing building in three sections and was formerly an ecclesiastical college.  The grounds cover 50 acres.  

The school accommodates 150 children and there are 112 on the roll 65 being Londoners.

STAFF The whole staff has been changed since the school came from Cannington and the management is in the hands of the Christian Brothers of whom 7 are on the staff.  The superintendent, Brother Roche is admirably fitted for his post and takes a paternal interest in the boys - 4 brothers, all secondary school form the teaching staff.

The boys each have 3 suits of clothes

  1. Corduroy knickers with tweed jacket

  2. Tweed suit

  3. Blue serge suit

and wear cricket caps with monograms.  The boys wore clean starched collars, due to the presence of the large steam laundry.

Most of the boys go home at holiday time.  This summer all but 30 went home for 3 weeks and every London boy was at Paddington to time for the return journey.

A football match was held on the 3rd November 1920 played in the grounds against the Nautical School.  The boys also have regular fixtures with the Bath Ladies' Football Club.