Founded in 1872 and certified on the 26th February 1872 for 140 girls.   Re-certified 19th July 1904 for 180 girls, in 1915 the intake of girls was increased to 260, in 1916 and 1922 again for 260 girls.  It became an Approved School from 1933.  The school was closed and demolished in 1980.

Additional accommodation 'Homelands', which was certified 10th July 1912 for 26 girls with bad antecedents, and also an Auxiliary Home, which was certified on the 13th October 1910 for 15 girls.  'Homelands was incorporated in the main school on 16th February 1914 and certified for a total of 200 girls.

Accommodation was a group of 17 cottages and communal buildings.

Founders Mrs Susanna Meredith and Miss Caroline Cavendish.  Secretary Miss M.A. Lloyd.


1872 - The schools is carried on by Miss Cavendish and Mrs Meredith, and other ladies interested in the cause.

1891 - Two ladies of the Association take the general direction in turn; secretary, Miss Martin; matron Miss Hobson; chief teacher Miss Cruickshank; infants, Miss Goudge; assistant Miss Lindsay.

1893 - Lady superintendent, Miss Penrose; secretary, Miss Martin; assistant , Miss Scott; teacher Miss Cruickshank; assistants Miss J. Taylor and Miss Walter; 3 matrons, Miss Finlay, Miss Powell and Miss Toomer.

1900 - General managers, Mrs Meredith, Miss Lloyd, Miss Cavendish and Miss Penrose, one of whom is always resident.  The superintendent Miss Hamilton, left February 1900 and will be succeeded on 25th June 1900 by Miss Eliot; correspondence clerks, Miss Carter and Miss G.M. Carter; schoolmistress Miss Shirley; assistant teachers, Miss Bullock and Miss Ford.  Rev. J Cornford is now chaplain in succession to his brother Rev. A. Cornford, who died in February 1900.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Eliot; Miss Bullock succeeded as head teacher Miss Stevens who left 18th December 1902;  Miss A. Pawsey succeeded Miss Underwood as assistant teacher on 18th April 1903.  matron of the training home and nurse Miss Ada Martin and Mrs Goldsmith; Miss L.A. Parry was appointed superintendent early in 1904. The schoolroom has been placed for a time under the supervision of Mr. Wm. Watson of Croydon.