Certified 2nd April 1883 for 40 girls, moved in 1892 and re-certified 27th June 1896 for 55 girls.  Cessation of certification or closure 1928.

Removed to 13 & 14 Portland Villas in 1892.  One of these buildings had been a preparatory school for boys.  The two villa residences were modified to fit the needs of the school.


1884 - Matron Mrs. Bacon; assistant Miss Andrewartha.

1891 - Matron Mrs. Bacon; assistant Miss Thomas

1893 - Matron Mrs. Bacon; assistant Miss Stuttaford.

1900 - Matron Miss Hathaway; dead mistress (temporary) Miss J Ball 26th June 1900 in place of Miss Bowden who left 23rd June.  Assistant mistress Miss K Saunders, 27th June 1900; sewing mistress Miss Bolitio, 14th June in place of Miss May, who left on the 8th June.

1903 - Matron Miss S.A.A. Hathaway.  The teacher Miss C.E. Hill left 8th March 1903 and was succeeded by Miss M. Sutton on 15th June 1903, Miss Real filling the vacancy temporarily from 27th April to 12th June.  Assistant teacher, Miss Sinclair left in July 1903, succeeded by Miss G. Aston in October 1903.  Sewing mistress Miss M. Horsfield since 19th June 1903.