Certified 4th May 1878, replaced by school in South Corporation Street, Northumberland Road

A former elementary school, slightly improved but said to be inconvenient and scarcely adequate.  Certified 31st January 1908 for 300, possibly in Northumberland Road, after a re-certification in Park Lane on the 5th June 1903 for 250.  Closed 11th August either 1914 or 1922.


1884 - Superintendent Miss C.S. Knight ; teachers Miss Cragg, Miss Young, Miss Radcliffe, Miss Moneypenny and Miss Quayle.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Knight ; assistants, Miss Moneypenny, Miss Quayle, Miss Robinson, Miss Greaves, Miss Parsons, Miss Faulkner and Miss Griffiths ; sewing mistress Miss Radcliffe ; clerk Miss Carver.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Knight ; first assistant Miss Faulkner, second assistant Miss Robinson.  Miss Radcliffe takes sewing classes.  Assistant teachers, Miss Moneypenny, Miss Quayle, Miss Parsons, Miss Greaves and Miss Griffiths ; clerk Miss Bullon ; caretaker Mr King.

1900 - Superintendent Miss Knight ; teachers Miss Robinson, Miss Moneypenny, Miss E. Purcell, Miss G Purcell and Mrs Morton.  Miss Roberts joined the staff as an additional assistant ; clerk Miss Bullen.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Knight ; first Protestant assistant Miss J. Robison ; first Roman Catholic assistant Miss M Moneypenny ; assistant teachers Misses E. Purcell, M Kelly, M Roberts and Mrs Moreton.  Assistant teacher Miss G. Purcell left 24th January 1903 succeeded by Miss Eliz. Shea on 26th January 1903.