Certified 6th June 1879 for 140 girls.  Re-certified in 1924/1925? for 120 girls.  It would also take in small boys.

From 1933 it became an Approved School for 120 children.

Ceased to operate as a  home in 1984/1985.  Also had Auxiliary Home until 1922 when it closed or the cessation of the certificate.

Cottage homes plus a central premises

Material available in North Shields Archives.


1884 - Matrons of houses, Mrs Craig, Mrs Groom, Mrs Scott, Miss Stewart, Miss Taylor, Miss Scott, Mrs Gow, schoolmistress, Miss Ingram, succeeded by Miss Wright; assistant schoolmistress Miss Davidson.  The inspector commented that " Five girls emigrated to Canada in the year, and were judiciously placed out in situations."

1891 - Superintendent Mrs Craig; schoolmistresses, Miss Tomlinson and Miss Craig.

1893 - Superintendent Mrs Craig; schoolmistress, Miss Vernon; certified assistant, Miss Turner.

1900 - Superintendent Mrs Bell; Miss Mortimer, head schoolmistress died 10th June 1899, succeeded by Miss B. Ferguson 7th August 1899; assistant teacher Miss Cooper; Miss Taylor; nurse Mrs Pringle.

1903 - Superintendent Mrs Bell; schoolmistress Miss C.T. Ross; assistant teacher Miss M Cooper.