Initially at 22 and 41 Charlotte Street West, London  under the name of Portland Place Girls' Home it then became the:

Developed from Portland Place Girls' Home

Certified 4th May 1867 for 12 girls.  Re-certified 27th October 1874 and 12th July, 1904 for 30 girls and in Ealing 19th January 1907 for 32 and in 1913 for 12 girls.  Believed to have been taken over and run by the Church of England Waifs' and Strays' Society in 1913.  New certificate granted November 1913 for the reception of girls sent under the provisions of the Children's' Act 1908 (8 EDW VII c67) or the Elementary Education Act 1876 (39 & 40 VICT c79).  Closed 1920 and replaced by Auxiliary Home 50 The Grove Ealing London.  Certified 14th August 1920.

Disposal of the Children The children are trained for domestic service - housework, cookery (L.C.C. teacher). laundry, sewing.  Places are easily found for the girls.  The superintendent keeps in touch with the girls and also used for the purpose the Metropolitan Association of Befriending Young Servants (M.A.B.Y.S.).


1867 - Matron Miss Allan.

1868 - Matron Mrs Allan

1869 - Matron Miss Allan; assistant matron Mrs Kinghorn.

1872 - Superintendent Miss Allan.

1884 - Superintendent Mrs Pearson; assistant superintendent Miss Stewart; schoolmistress Miss Haviland.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Green, schoolmistress Miss Pearce.  Mrs Pearson retired during the year

1893 - Superintendent Miss Green; schoolmistress Miss Dredge, succeeded by Miss Jacobs; laundress and kitchen matron Miss Binns.

1900 - Superintendent Miss A.E. Walker; teacher Miss Forrest.

1903 - Superintendent Miss A.E. Walker; The teacher Miss M. Forrest left 2nd July 1902 and was succeeded on the 26th July 1902 by Miss Edith Hassett.

1906 - Superintendent Miss H Cartwright; Schoolmistress iss Mabel Cartwright