Founded in  1849 as a mixed school.

Certified 5th January 1878 for 100 girls.   Re-certified 10th February 1921 for 120 girls and boys under 8.

A private house with additional wings and a front garden.  Had premises at 52 St Domingo Vale, which was certified 23rd July 1911/1912? for 106 which closed in 1922.

Auxiliary Home possibly also situate at 52 St Domingo Vale, certified 1st January 1912 for 10 and reduced to 4 on 23rd April 1912.  Closed in 1920.


1884 - Superintendent Miss L. Skinner ; schoolmistress Miss E. Maddick,

1891 - Superintendent Miss L. Skinner ; school teacher, Miss H.E. Hamilton ; assistant superintendent Miss Beacham ; work mistress Miss Colquhoun.

1893 - Superintendent Miss L. Skinner ; schoolmistress Miss H.E. Hamilton ; assistant schoolmistress Miss Newham ; assistant matron Miss Colquhoun.

1894 - Superintendent Ms L. Skinner.

1900 - Superintendent Miss Skinner ; Miss Edgar was appointed head teacher on 11th November 1899 succeeding Miss Bowen, who left on 26th October 1899 and Miss Holmes who left 10th June 1899.  Miss Fleming was appointed assistant teacher on 10th June 1899.  There was also changes in the posts of sewing mistress, laundress and cook.  These posts were filled by Miss Homer, Mrs Skimmins and Mrs Sherlock respectively.  Assistant matron Mrs Teeks.

1903 - Mrs Deeks, the superintendent was due to leave on 31st March 1903 and will be succeeded by Miss Carver.  Schoolmistress Miss H.G. Hardwick.  Miss E.J. Barwise left 16th August 1902 and was succeeded on 1st September 1902 by Miss V. Sinclair.


1894 - Matron Mrs Cumner.