Certified 18th April, 1859.  Closed in1867

The inspector reported on 11th April 1867

"The managers of this institution have resigned their certificate under the Industrial Schools Act, being alarmed by an attempt of two or three of the girls to set the premises on fire.  The attempt did not succeed; the girls themselves giving the alarm immediately, and the fire being easily extinguished.  It was not known or supposed to be the act of any of the girls till about two months after the occurrence, when a discharged inmate gave information.  I could see no valid reason for the alarm which seemed to possess the matron and some of the committee, not for their giving up the certificate, and so narrowing most materially their usefulness and lessening the resources of the school.  As this, however, was the decision come to, and the girls under detention could be received on transfer into the Girls' Home, Charlotte Street, and other schools, the resignation was accepted and the certificate revoked".