On an elevated site, the Desford Industrial School built at the cost of the Leicester School Board and opened January 1881 and was certified for 200 boys 13th January 1881, re-certified in 1924 for 175 boys.  They are in Rathby parish but in the Desford postal delivery.  The building and grounds occupy an area of 138 acres, 20 of which are rented.  There is accommodation for 200 boys who are committed here by the magistrate's warrant.  The average number of inmates is 190.  The cost of nearly 20 a year per head, defrayed chiefly by Government grant and the school board.


1884 - Superintendent, Mr Adcock; matron Mrs Adcock; schoolmaster Mr Craven; assistants Mr Robbins, and Mr Lever

1891 - Superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Thomas Adcock; clerk Mr C.W. Robbins; schoolmaster, Mr G.M Egan; assistant schoolmasters Messrs. Chas F. Roach and H.T. Hunt; gardener Mr Whitmore.

1893 - Superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Thomas Adcock; schoolmaster Mr Wm. Harrison; assistant schoolmasters Mr C.F. Roach and Mr F.W Buckingham

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Oxley; Mr J.W. Vicars succeeded, as headmaster on 1st August 1899, Mr G.E. Jolly who left on 31st July 1899; assistant schoolmasters Mr P.L Whitmore and Mr J.T. Adcock; clerk and storekeeper Mr McKinlay; assistant Mr H. Stenton; farm bailiff Mr Whitmore

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr C. Oxley and Mrs Oxley; schoolmaster Mr J.W. Vicars; first assistant master Mr J.I. Adcock, appointed 3rd April 1902; Mr W.D. Blackshaw left 31st October, and Mr N.G. Newns on 6th April 1902; Mr Hicking was appointed 1st December 1902