Originally at Blackbrooke House, St. Helens, where it was certified 23rd June 1869.  But circumstances delayed the actual commencement of the school until the following October, when the first girl was admitted. 

Moved to Liverpool and re-certified 24th November 1876 for 70 girls and again, re-certified 3rd March 1902 for 75 girls.

Cessation of certification or closure 1922


1869 - Sisters of Mercy, under the supervision of Canon J. Fishers and a committee.

1872 - Sisters of Mercy.

1884 - Superintendent, Miss A.M. Donovan ; assistant superintendent Miss McLeod ; schoolmistress Miss Byrne ; assistant Miss Banham

1891 - Superintendent, Miss A.M. Donovan ; schoolmistress Mrs. Hire ; laundry matron Miss Rafferty ; assistant laundry matron, Miss Connolly.

1893 - Superintendent, Miss A.M. Donovan ; schoolmistress Mrs. Breslin ; assistant teacher Miss Jones ; laundry matron, Miss Rafferty ; assistant matron Miss Hudson.

1900 - Superintendent, Miss A.M. Donovan ; teacher Mrs K. Breslin ; sewing matron Miss C Thomson (23rd January 1900) ; house matron Miss R Brooker (1st September 1899) ; kitchen matron Miss M. Milner (1st February 1900) ; laundress Miss Rafferty ; assistant laundress Miss K. Connolly.

1903 - The management of Sister Catharine and 4 sisters of Charity ; schoolmistress Mrs Kearney