At first this was a voluntary school.  Certified 27th August 1878. Re-certified 7th December 1903 for a fixed number of 250 boys and girls.

An old Ragged Schools, boys and girls in separate classrooms.  Taken over by school board and certified 7th December 1903 for 230 boys, 260 girls and 60 infants.  Closed in 1907.


1884 - BOYS Superintendent, Mr W.F. Roberts ; assistant Mr W. Smith, Mr W. Skillicorn and Miss M.J. Owen ; GIRLS Head mistress, Mrs M.E. Williamson; assistants Miss Hudson and Miss Davies ; sergeant Mr R.S. Marks

Inspector commented ; " It deals daily with about 500 children, or less.  All have three meals a day.  A large number of these are voluntary cases, and they come from very poor homes".

1891 - BOYS Superintendent Mr W. Skillicorn ; assistants, Messrs. W. Smith, Geo. Talbot and J.E. Hunert.  GIRLS Superintendent Miss E.E. Haynes ; assistant teachers, Misses Cruickshank, Jones, Bramwell, Wright and Harris.

1893 - BOYS Superintendent Mr W. Skillicorn, succeeded by Mr W. Gorrie ; assistants, Messrs W. Smith, G. Talbot, and J Hulme.  GIRLS Superintendent Mrs Wylie ; assistants and teachers Miss Kneale, Miss V Harris, Miss Bramhall, Miss Clegg, and Miss Cann.

1900 - BOYS Superintendent Mr W. Gorrie ; assistant teachers, Messrs. W. Smith, J.E. Hulme and Miss Griffiths who succeeded Mr Talbot as assistant teacher on 2nd May 1899.  Matron Miss Smith.  GIRLS Mrs Riley, Miss Kneale, Miss Hulme, Miss Evans, Miss Crossley, Mrs Hincks, Miss Lamb and Miss Fletcher.

1903 - BOYS Superintendent Mr W. Gorrie ; assistant masters, Messrs. W. Smith and L.E. Hulme.  Assistant mistress Miss J. Griffiths.  GIRLS Miss Wylie, Miss D. Kneale, Mrs Corsley, Miss Lamb, Miss Fletcher, Miss Harrison.  Miss Sergeant and Miss Stephens have succeeded Miss Hulme and Mrs Hincks.