Founded in September 1852 by Mary Carpenter and Russell Scott.  Certified 4th October 1854 for 150 boys.  Re-certified July 1892 for 120 boys.

Initially the boys were in a former Wesleyan College, and later in a purpose-designed building.  It became an Approved School from 1933.

Auxiliary Home - Fairlawn, Montague Hill, Bristol certified 9th June 1903 for 20 boys.


1866 - Mr Barker and his wife; schoolmaster Mr Hallett

1867 - Superintendent Mr Barker and his wife; schoolmaster Mr England

1868 - Superintendent Mr Barker and his wife

1869 - Superintendent Mr Barker

1872 - Superintendent Captain Knox; schoolmaster Mr Williams; assistant Mr Herditch

1884 - Superintendent Colonel N. Lowis; matron Mrs Cock; schoolmaster Mr Cock

1891 - Superintendent Mr R.W. Jerram; head schoolmaster Mr C. Hicks; matron Mrs Hicks; assistant teacher Mr A Babington; cook and bandmaster Mr G. Bowler

1893 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs S.E. Whitwell; (Mr Whitwell succeeded Mr Jerram as superintendent) schoolmaster Mr Verity; assistant schoolmaster Mr Rex; cook and bandmaster Mr Bowler; farm bailiff Mr Jas. Wheatley; general assistant Mr Millman; nurse and laundress Mrs Millman.

1897 - Superintendent Geo. Whitwell; Schoolmaster William Verity

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs George Whitwell; assistant matron Miss Currie; head schoolmaster Mr D. Whitehead; assistant schoolmaster Mr E.A. Saunders, appointed 12th December 1899 to succeed Mr Fort who left in October 1899; carpenter and manual instructor Mr Roberts; shoemaker and gymnastic instructor Mr Andrews; tailor Mr Thompson; bandmaster Mr Churchill

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs George Whitwell; schoolmaster Mr H.M. Williams; Mr E.C. Whitehouse, assistant schoolmaster left 4th July 1902 and was succeeded by Mr B Andrews (1st class Army cert.) 15th July 1902