Dated 1st January, 1888 An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts relating to Industrial Schools in Great Britain

 States the following

 Commitment of Children to Certified Industrial Schools.

                  (1)  Any person may being before a court of summary jurisdiction any child apparently less than fourteen years

                         of age who is found under any of the following circumstances, that is to say,-

                                  (a)           habitually begging or receiving alms (whether actually

                                                or under the pretext of selling anything or offering

                                                anything for sale), or being habitually in any street or

                                                public place for the purpose of so begging or receiving

                                                alms:     or

                                  (b)           not having any home or settled place of abode, or

                                                proper guardianship, or visible means of subsistence:   or

                                  (c)           frequenting the company of reputed thieves or of

                                                common or reputed prostitutes:    or

                                  (d)           lodging or residing in a house frequented by

                                                prostitutes for the purpose of prostitution.

                  (2)  The court before whom a child is brought as being found under any of the circumstances aforesaid, if satisfied on inquiry of the fact, and that it is expedient to deal with the child under this Act, and if the child appears to the court to be less than fourteen years of age, may make an order for the detention of the child in a certified industrial school until he attains the age of eighteen years.



The court, in determining the industrial school to which a child is to be sent, shall endeavour to ascertain the religious persuasion to which the child belongs, and shall, so far as possible, specify in the order the religious persuasion to which the child appears to belong, and select a school conducted in accordance with that persuasion.



The Secretary of State may at any time, and shall where a child detained in a certified industrial school has attained the age of sixteen years, order the child to be discharged therefrom either absolutely or conditionally, that is to say, on such conditions as to the disposal of the child on his discharge, and as to his conduct thereafter, and otherwise, as the Secretary of State may think fit.

The bill contains many clauses and refers to the Elementary Education Act, 1879,

Industrial Schools Act, 1866.


Mary B Wall