Certified 1st November 1877 for 150 boys.  Re-certified in 1924 for 115 boys.

Cessation of certification or closure November 1930/31

A picturesque old hall dating from 1400, which was stone-built set in 14 acres.

AUXILIARY HOME St Vincent's, Howarth Street, Leeds, Certified in 1878 for 45 boys.

In 1888 this home was at 4 Willow Grove Road, Leeds.

Records held at the Public Records Office, Kew - reference  MH102/72 1877-1929    General Information and  MH102/73  1927 Cruelty Report.


1884 - Superintendent, Rev. T. Worthey; Matron Mrs McEvoy; schoolmaster Mr O'Hara; assistant Mr Boyle.

1891 - Superintendent, Rev. T. Worthey; Matron Miss O'Flaherty; schoolmasters Mr. Norton and Mr. Curren.  The inspector comments that "Since last year seven boys had been sent to Canada, and four were to go in about a week after the inspection".  Inspection date 30th May 1891.

1893 - Superintendent, Rev. T. Worthey; Matron Miss O'Flaherty; assistant Miss Casey; schoolmasters, Mr Curran and Mr Mathieson.

1900 - Superintendent, Rev. T. Worthey; Matron Miss O'Flaherty; head schoolmaster Mr. A. Burke; Mr. Dogherty began duty on 20th January as assistant teacher.  Mrs Worthy, aunt of the superintendent, devotes herself to a general supervision of the management of the boys.  "The inspector had reported that, during the year Father Worthy visited Canada with a view to inspecting boys who had emigrated there.  His report is highly encouraging.  All round the disposal of these boys is very carefully watched, and the aid of excellent auxiliary Homes in Leeds and London is called in where desirable."

1903 - Superintendent, Rev. T. Worthey (who, the inspector noted had taken a party of boys to Canada at the time of the inspection. Two inspection dates were given 7th July 1903 and 30th November 1903).  Matron Miss O'Flaherty; schoolmaster Mr. M.P. Doherty; assistant teacher Mr. C.O'Kane; second assistant master Mr Rynn left 2nd February 1903, and was succeeded by Mr Burke on 5th February 1903.