Additional Information

Two industrial schools, one Founded in 1860 at 5 Walcot Parade and one existing 1866-1872 at 2 Albion Place were not officially certified but may have developed into others in the city.


1872 - Lady Superintendent Miss Dixon; schoolmistress and assistant Miss Wheeler

1884 - Superintendent Miss Caskell; schoolmistress Miss Little; assistant Miss Turner; industrial matron Miss Beacham.

1889 - Superintendent Miss Margaret McCaskell

1891 - Superintendent Miss McCaskell; school teacher Miss Hardwicke; assistant school teacher Miss Bishop; industrial matron Miss Pope.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Kay; schoolmistress Miss Blackburn; assistant Miss Dingwell

1900 - Superintendent Miss Noyes, Miss Grace Balch appointed head schoolmistress 1st September 1899 to succeed Miss Young who left 31st July; assistant teacher Miss Brown.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Noyes; schoolmistress Miss G. Balch; assistant teacher Miss Brown

1914 - Superintendent Miss Ada Noyes