Certified 25th June 1877 for 50 girls on the site at Monkgate after splitting from York Industrial and Ragged School.  In 1884 moved to 84 Lowther Street & 43 Lower Eldon St., York.  Re-certified 12th July 1910 for 58 girls 1915 for 59 girls, 1917 and 1924 for 45 girls.

Cessation of certification or closure 1932.

The address was Lowther Street from 1884 to 1932, in a house, originally occupied by a colonel of the militia, with adjacent building making a comfortable and homelike setting.  Miss Neale was the Matron in 1879 - she had previously been Matron of the BIRMINGHAM GIRLS REFORMATORY SCHOOL


1884 - Superintendent Miss Neale; assistant matron Miss Wright; schoolmistress Miss Smith.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Neal; schoolmistress Miss Noyes; assistant matron Miss Hall.

1900 - Matron Miss Neale; schoolmistress Miss Parkinson; industrial trainer Miss Bradley; sewing mistress Miss Scaife; general assistant Miss Auckland.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Parkinson, Miss Bolton left 23rd December 1902, Miss Chalmers was appointed 5th January 1903.

1913 - Matron Miss Sarah Jane Bell.