Founded in 1847 as a Sunday School, It became a mixed Ragged School circa 1849.

Certified 18th July 1858 for 120 mixed children.  In 1875 the girls went to St Hilda's Industrial School for Girls.

Cessation of certification or closure 1921.

It was a nondescript building on the site of the old Workhouse, which was virtually re-built to accommodate the children.


1866 - Superintendent Mr West and his wife, matron; schoolmistress Miss Temple; work mistress Miss Libbiss for the girls; schoolmaster Mr Scott

1867 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs West; schoolmistress Miss Temple.

1868 - The inspector noted " I was very sorry to find that Mr West had finally determined on resigning the superintendence for the purpose of studying at St. Bee's College and taking orders.  His place has been filled, and I hope will prove to have been fairly supplied by Mr Hirst, who has had considerable experience in the management of a voluntary school of the same class".

1869 - Mr & Mrs Hurst; Mr Mann, schoolmaster; Miss Libbiss schoolmistress

1872 - Superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Smith; schoolmaster Mr Humphries; schoolmistress Miss Mitchell

1884 - Superintendent, Mr Smith; matron Mrs Smith; schoolmaster Mr Archey

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Busby; schoolmaster Mr Archey; assistant Mr Shaw.  The inspector commented "I was very sorry to find that the school had lost the valuable assistance of Miss Milner, who had for may years devoted much time to the boys, and was never tired or working for their wellbeing".

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs  George Busby; schoolmaster Mr Robertson; Mr R.G.C. Busby succeeded on 1st April Mr Beech as assistant master.

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Busby; schoolmaster Mr A.B. Brown; assistant schoolmaster Mr R.G.C. Busby.