Previously at Townend House, Higher Hillgate.

Founded in 1854.  Certified 7th March 1866 for 150 boys.  Re-certified 16th August 1898 for 150 boys.

Became The Boys Approved School, Offerton from 1933 accommodating 120 boys.

Originally a vicarage which had been enlarged to accommodate the school.


1866 - Superintendent & master Mr. Jackson.

1867 - Mr Jackson (master) and wife; schoolmaster Mr Hyde.

1868 - School teaching Mr Jackson and schoolmaster Mr. Hyde.

1869 - Mr Jackson resigned the superintendence soon after 18th June 1869, having been appointed to the charge of The Home for Little Boys at Farningham.  He was succeeded by Mr Ross of the Rothesay Industrial School.

1872 - Mr & Mrs Shaw, superintendent and matron.

1884 - Superintendent and Matron Mr & Mrs J.A. Johnstone; schoolmaster Mr. J. MacDonald; assistant Mr Macmillan.  There was a change of superintendence at the close of the year, Mr MacPherson of Inverness succeeding Mr. Johnstone.

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Leach; schoolmaster Mr Holmes; assistant schoolmaster Mr Greenwood.

1893 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs W. J. Leach; schoolmaster Mr C.H. Holmes; assistant schoolmaster Mr J.E. Waltho.

1900 - Superintendent Mr W.J. Leach.  The matron, Mrs Leach died January 1900, Head teacher Mr J.E. Waltho died 7th March 1900.  Assistant teacher Mr S. McCarroll left 28th February 1899 succeeded by Mr Thomas Helliwell on 27th March 1899.  A second assistant teacher Mr Patrick Howard was appointed 10th December 1899.

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Bancroft; schoolmaster Mr A.H. Hollingdale.  As first assistant teacher Mr Jas. Lord succeeded on 22nd March 1902 Mr H.J. Clibborn who left on 11th April 1902.  Mr A.W. Henzell was appointed 2nd assistant on 19th May 1902.