Originally at Tottenham, opened in May 1864 and moved to the above location in 1867 as a pioneer cottage home for 300 boys.  Certified 8th March 1872 for 60 boys. 

On the 29th July 1872 the institution had ten separate houses, the boys being distributed on the "family system" and each house containing from 30 to 40 inmates.  Although the certificate necessarily includes the whole institution, it was arranged at the granting of that the boys sent under warrant should be separately accommodated, one, two or more of the separate houses being set apart for them as their number might require.  The number of inmates 305, of whom 14 were under detention, this number had increased to 19 on 31st December 1872.

Cessation of certification or closure 1877, but it continued privately under Royal patronage.  In 1952 under state control and renamed FARNINGHAM HOUSE, closing in 1961.  It became NORTH DOWNS COMMUNITY HOME APPROVED SCHOOL which closed in 1976 and was turned into home for the elderly.


1872 - General superintendent and chief matron Mr & Mrs Jackson.  Each house is superintended by a married master called the father.  Schoolmaster Mr. Day.