Certified 3rd October 1870 for 200 boys and girls.  Re-certified in 1877 for 200 boys only, the girls were removed  to Everton Terrace.  Re-certified in 1917 for 210 boys; in 1925 the number of boys was reduced to 150 and in 1928 again the intake was reduced to 91 boys.  Cessation of certification or closure, June 1928.

Original premises were four private houses, 73 75 77 & 79 Grafton Street situated  in the dock area. 

Auxiliary Home at 67 Grafton Street, which was certified in 1904 for 14 children.  Re-certified in 1910 for 10 and in 1912 for 12 children.  Cessation of certification or closure in 1923.

In 1902 the school gained the Cricket Cup offered for the board schools of Liverpool, and the 'Melly Cup' for gymnastics competed for by Industrial Schools.

Further information which was contributed by David Postance, the Great Great Grandson of the Rev. Henry Postance can be found on pages 1 2  and 3 following this information page.


1872 - Superintendent Mr Alfred Postance; matron Miss Walker; assistant Miss Graham; schoolmaster Mr Haynes; assistant Mr Kendrick.

1884 - Superintendent Mr John Ogilvie; matron Miss C. Mitchell; schoolmaster Mr S.P.T. Kirk; assistant Mr F. Andrews.

1891 - Superintendent Mr George H. Postance; clerk and assistant superintendent Mr Isaac Chappell; matron Mrs E.M. Warburton; schoolmaster Mr R.H. Brockless; assistant schoolmaster Mr F. Andrews.  Female teacher for the juniors Mrs. Boyd.

1893 - Superintendent Mr George H. Postance; clerk and assistant superintendent Mr Isaac Chappell; matron Miss L. Kirkpatrick; chief schoolmaster Mr A.N. Brockless; assistant schoolmaster Mr F. Andrews; female teacher for juniors Mrs Ellen J. Boyd.

1900 - Governor and matron Mr & Mrs Holmes; assistant matron Miss Nelson; headmaster Mr R.H. Brockless; assistant teachers Mr A. Smith left in August 1899. succeeded by Mr A.E. Mills.  17th August 1899 Miss Wilson is now Mrs Musgrove.

1903 - Governor and matron Mr C.H. Holmes and Mrs Holmes; schoolmaster Mr A Mills; schoolmistress Miss  A. Musgrave; assistant teacher Mr H.W. Rogerson left 28th February 1902, succeeded by Mr Wm. Palmer on 13th March 1902; joiner Mr R. Guest.  Mrs Moore is in charge of the home.