Certified 2nd October 1867

Removed to 17 Tatham Street and re-certified 7th August 1869 for 60 girls.

Sometime between 1900 and 1903 the school removed to 4 & 5 Tatham Street.

Closed 25th November 1918 after removal to Borough Road.


1868 - Matron Miss Robertson, (formerly schoolmistress at the Girls Reformatory School).

1869 - General Superintendent Miss Robertson; schoolmistress Miss Sharpe.

1872 - Superintendent Miss Robertson; schoolmistress Miss Smith; assistant Miss Dooman.

1884 - Superintendent Miss Welsh, teacher Miss E. Smith; assistant Miss Davison.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Smith; schoolmistress Miss Thomas.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Smith; assistant matron Miss J. Scott; schoolmistress Miss Jessie Smith.

1900 - Superintendent Miss E.M. Smith; teacher Miss Sutcliffe was succeeded by Miss Johnson; assistant schoolmistress Miss Stevens; assistant matron Miss Heslam; sewing-mistress Miss McLean; kitchen-matron/laundry-matron Miss Laing.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Smith left 21st February 1903 and was succeeded by Miss King; Miss Johnson left 8th August and was succeeded by Miss Florence M. Umpleby; Miss Stevens left 21st February and was succeeded by Miss V. Branford.  Sewing-mistress Miss Ewen; kitchen matron Miss Milne

1914 - Superintendent Miss Mary Mackenzie.