Founded in 1854 by its own Act of Parliament. 

Certified in 13th February 1867 for 700 boys.  The first state-recognised Industrial School.

A large institutional building set in 100 acres.

Closed in 1909 and became a Borstal in 1911


1868 - Superintendent Captain Brookes, under the general supervision of the visiting magistrates who have charge of it; assisted by the chaplain, Mr Pilkington.

1869 - Capt. J.R. Brookes; chaplain, Rev. N.G. Pilkington.

1872 - Captain Brookes; chaplain, Rev. O.I. Vignoles.

1884 - Superintendent Captain J. Rowland Brookes; chaplain Rev. W.A. Newton; medical officer Edward Kingsford, Esq.

1891 - Inspector remarked " Capt. Brookes has been superintendent of the school for 29 years, and resigned his post on 1st July 1891.  He carries with him the cordial regard and respect of all who has to deal with him.  I regret also to report that the Rev. W.A. Newton, for 19 years chaplain of the school, died on 19th September".    Superintendent, Captain J. Rowland Brookes, succeeded by Mr. T.B. Beuttler; chaplain Rev. W.A. Newton succeeded by Rev. H.C. Laycock; medical officer P. Kingsford Esq.

1893 - Superintendent T.B. Beuttler Esq. ; chaplain Rev. H.C. Laycock.

1900 - The inspector remarked that "With minor changes the principal staff remains as given last year".  Superintendent T.B. Beuttler Esq. ; chaplain Rev. H.C. Laycock; clerk Mr E.T. Duell; schoolmasters messrs. F Gulliford, E. Davies, J.S. Hurrell, J.H. Paddy, J. Twizell, E. Booker, E. Birch, H.C. Cox, H. Samworth and R.S. Gleave.

1903 - Superintendent T.B. Beuttler Esq. ; chaplain Rev. H.C. Laycock; head schoolmasters Mr E. Davies and Mr J.S. Hurrell; schoolmasters Messrs. J.H. Paddy, J. Twizell, E. Brookes, E. Birch, H.C. Cox and H. Samworth; clerk Mr E.T. Duell; Mr Brooker retired through ill-health on 31st October and the death of Mr Moran who for 3 years had acted as dentist to the school.