Though the Residential Industrial Schools and, in Scotland, some of the Reformatories also, were developed out of Ragged Schools, the last named were really the prototype of the Day Industrial Schools which first began to be established by English School Boards in 1878, in pursuance of powers conferred by the Elementary Education Act of 1876.  Any child coming within the scope of the Industrial School Act could be sent to a Day Industrial School if there were one within two miles of its home.  The school was to be opened from 6a.m to 6p.m., three meals were to be provided each day, and in addition to the ordinary elementary instruction there was to be a certain amount of industrial training.  The parents were to contribute towards the expenses up to 2s. per week. 

In Scotland the Glasgow Juvenile Delinquency Board, ever ready to establish any class of school which was likely to be of service, has by virtue of a special Act passed in 1878, established four Day Industrial Schools and managed them with a warm hearted enthusiam worthy of all praise.

There are 21 Day Industrial Schools under inspection, of which 16 are in England and 5 in Scotland, 4 of the latter being in Glasgow (under a special Act) and on e Edinburgh.

The number of children attending Day Industrial Schools on 31st December 1906 were :- BOYS 2,104 ; GIRLS 1,180 and 131 boys and 96 girls were on licence.