Certified 22nd April 1856 for 120 boys and girls.  Closed 3rd October 1923

The school was mixed until 1877 when it became boys only.

Incorporating former house of Robert Burns with acre vegetable garden.

Mention of site as Brooms Road in 1909.


1866 - Mr Malcolm and his wife.

1867 - Master Mr Malcolm his wife and sister - the latter superintends the needlework.

1868 - Superintendent Mr Rough, formerly schoolmaster at the Wellington Farm Reformatory, entered on his duties at the beginning of the year.  Mrs Rough is matron.

1869 - Superintendent Mr Rough and Mrs Rough.

1872 - Mr & Mrs Rough have left and are engaged at the Devon & Exeter Industrial School at Exminster.  They were succeeded by Mr & Mrs Malcolm, who had charge of the school some years ago; sewing mistress Miss Malcom; assistant teacher Mr Ross.

1884 - Superintendent Mr T.W. McIntosh; matron Mrs Copland; schoolmaster Mr C.W. Hughes; assistant Mr Avery.

1891 - Superintendent Mr T.W. MacIntosh; matron Mrs Copland; school teacher Mr. T.S. Young; assistant Mr Brailsford.

1893 - Superintendent Mr T.W. MacIntosh; matron Mrs Copland; school teacher Mr. Forsyth.

1900 - Superintendent Mr Wallace; matron Miss C. Mackay; head schoolmaster Mr R. Alexander; assistant teacher Mr Thos. Gibson was appointed 8th January 1900.

1903 - Superintendent Mr R. Forrest; matron Miss H.G. Fleming; head schoolmaster Mr Alexander left on 9th April 1902 and was succeeded by Mr T.W. Maxwell on 1st July 1902; assistant master Mr Guild left 12th February 1903