Originally at Carrick Street.

Founded 1848, possibly before this date.

Certified 13th October 1855 as a mixed school, re-certified 14th December 1876 for 50 girls. 

Re-certified for 55 Girls on removal to Belmont Avenue,14th January 1899 and 19th June 1903 for 60 girls.

The school closed 11th December 1923.

Described as a homely old building.


1866 - Mr Gow. 

1867 - Master and matron Mr & Mrs Gow. 

1868 - The institution sustained a very serious loss by the death of the superintendent Mr. Gow.  His place will not be easily supplied, whether as a most intelligent teacher, or a kindly, able and conscientious superintendent of the children under his charge.  No other staff are mentioned.

1869 - Mr Scott, formerly assistant at the York Industrial School and the Kibble Reformatory School; Mrs Gow continues to act as matron.

1872 - Superintendent Mr & Mrs Scott, school teacher and assistant Mr Diamond; workmaster Mr M'Intyre.

1884 - Superintendent Miss Addison; school teacher Miss Jane Moir.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Laing; schoolmistress Miss M. Hendrie.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Laing; schoolmistress Miss A.M. Brown; assistant matron Miss Gloag; laundress Miss Pattison.

1900 - Superintendent Miss Lindsay; teacher Miss H. Davie; sewing mistress Miss S. Brand.

1903 - Superintendent Miss Lindsay; teacher Miss Mary Reid; sewing teacher Miss Elsie Paterson.