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ARTHUR ABBOTT This case was brought under the notice of the Department as being illustrative of overpressure, but it has only a remote bearing on the question.  The complaint was that the father of the boy was summoned before the magistrates and fined for not causing his son to attend school, although the boy was mentally incapable, and a medical certificate to that effect had been produced.  From inquiries made it appears that the father persistently refused to send his son to school, and employed him for selling newspapers.  Although he alleged that he had medical authority for not sending him, he produced no evidence to the School Board that such was the case.  At the enquiry before the magistrates he produced, for the first time, a letter from a medical man to the effect that the boy was of weak intellect in consequence of a blow on the head from a horse.  The magistrates, however, decided that the father had failed to make out a case for exemption, and fined him for infringing the byelaws.  The Education Department has no power to revise or call in question the decisions of a court of justice; but through the courtesy of the clerk to the magistrates, their Lordships were furnished with a statement of the grounds upon which the decision of the court was based.  He states that the medical certificate was from the first withheld from the school authorities, who had been persistently defied by the parent, that the boy was employed at all hours selling newspapers, and, in spite of the alleged injury, was, in the opinion of the Bench, perfectly able to attend school.