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HARRIET STRAKER On 5th November the clerk of the Macclesfield Board of Guardians wrote to the Department with reference to the death of this girl, which was certified by the medical officer to have been occasioned by overpressure.  In a letter to the guardians, the medical officer stated that the child was semi-unconscious during the whole of his attendance on her, and, on nearly every occasion that he visited her, she was in a state of muttering delirium concerning school and lessons.  He added that she was of a very highly sensitive nervous temperament, and anxious to hold her own at school, and that he was convinced that for a girl of her temperament to walk one mile to school, and another back, twice a-day, in addition to the school work and home lessons,  was too severe a mental strain.  From inquiries made by the Department of the managers of the school; it appears that the girl was 10 years of age, had passed Standard I. in January 1884, having failed the previous year; that she had no home lessons given her, and that if she worked at home must have done so voluntarily.  The child was admittedly delicate, and suffered from deafness and bad eyes.  Her parents occasionally kept her at home for a week, but had never made any complaint to the mistress about her work.  As she was 10 years of age, and was only being instructed in the subjects of Standard II. and had no home lessons, the managers do not consider that her case was in any way one of overpressure, unless her health was in such a state that she ought not to have been sent to school at all.