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KATE CRUMP - A letter was in this case sent to the Department, containing an extract from the "Western Mail" newspaper, in which it was stated that a coroner's jury at Dudley had found that the child had died from "natural causes accelerated by overwork".  The paragraph added that the child had previously complained of "headache caused by lessons".  The case was investigated by the School Board, who expressed themselves satisfied that no undue pressure of any kind had been exercised.  The case also formed a subject of discussion at a subsequent meeting of the local board, at which Dr. Blackwood, the medical man who attended the child, positively declared that he made no such statement at the inquest as would lead the jury to the conclusion that death was the result of overpressure.  The girl was in the Third Standard, and is described as having been regular, diligent, and attentive, fairly quick, but rather slow in arithmetic.  The immediate cause of death was not stated.