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FANNY WEST.  In this case, Mr. West, father of the girl in question, wrote to the Department, stating that his daughter, aged 10.1/2, in Standard IV., had died on congestion of the brain; and that in his opinion, her illness had been due to overpressure, caused by excessive home lessons, as for some time previously her mind had been continually running on the subject.  The School Board, being requested by the Department to investigate the matter, stated that they did not consider the home lessons exceptionally severe, but that in any case they were not compulsory, and children were invariably excused doing them at the parents’ request.  Had any application been made in the case of Fanny West, she would at once have been excused.  To this Mr. West replied that “being a sensitive child, not very strong, but exceedingly anxious to excel, being excused by the mistress, or prevented at home from doing the work, fretted her and did as much harm as to work itself”.  The specimens forwarded by Mr. West are undoubtedly severe for a child of 10, and the School Board appear to  have caused the amount to be reduced since the occurrence.