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LILY MARIA WOOD.  The attention of the Department having been directed to a correspondence in the local papers with reference to the death of this girl, inquiry was made of the School Board on the subject.  From this it appears that the girl, aged 17, was a pupil teacher in her second year.  The school in question was a voluntary school up till December last, when it was transferred to the School Board.  On the 1st April, Lily Wood broke a blood vessel on her way home from school, from which she resided at a distance of 2.1/2 miles.  She died on April 25th, the case of death being certified to be acute phthisis.  No complaints had ever been made by the girl or her parents that she was overworked; and after a careful investigate of the case, the Board passed a resolution that there was no evidence to show that her death was caused by overpressure of work.  She received a satisfactory medical certificate when admitted, and the distance of her home was then given as mile only.