THE LONDON METROPOLITAN ARCHIVES, (Corporation of London), 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB


Juvenile Court Records  - Extracts only Old Street, London   Pages 1 2 3

Tower Bridge Children's Court  Register 1

I transcribed only the children  that were sent away to Industrial or Reformatory Schools

REFERENCE PS./J/T/1 Period covered this Register January, March, May, July, September and November 1910, 1911 & 1912.

REFERENCE PS./J/T/2 Period cover for this register February, April, June, August, October and December 1910, 1911 and 1912

Transcribed in date order - Day/Month/Year.  Other information in register, why the children were sent to away to these institutions, if they were held on remand and on what dates.

Industrial School and Special School Register 1912 - 1914 X095 550 - (00388 given on the top of first page of the Microfilm) whole Index transcribed.  Other information given on the index is a number which leads to 'ledger type' page which shows a   'Record of Boys Banking Account' and 'Reports as to Employment, Wages, Character, etc.'

Truant and Industrial School Cases under the Education Act Reference EOSS/6/22 Register.

Industrial School and Special School Register X095 548 dates covered 1912-1913.  Surnames -  A to R only transcribed so far.

London Boys sent to the West of England & South Wales Industrial School for Catholic Boys, Cannington, Nr Bridgewater, Somerset, Special Register X095 554 - Surnames  (first page has a couple of names that I am unable to read)

Children of City of Westminster Union Sent to Service - Register WE BG/CW/66/1 - transcribed so far, SURNAMES A - F

Covers the period 1917 - 1925. The index also gives a number (some children are entered more than once) which leads to more information on the child:

Date of Birth - On some pages just the age only is show, others full date of birth:

Date going into Service:

From where the child was sent:

Name and address of Employer:


Children sent to Certified Industrial School at the insistence of the School Board for London up to and Including 24th June 1876 - Reference SBL/1577:  This information is from a printed register which includes 1) A number; 2) Childs Surname; 3) Childs initial; 4) Date of Reception; 5) Health; 6) Conduct (5 & 6 have not been included because they are only indicated by the letters G for GOOD M for MIDDLING and B for BAD and it is only shown when the child was still at the school); 7 Comments/Remarks (These comments have been included and only apply to children who have left there school, although some have been left off and a couple of the numbers have appeared jumbled, which I have hi-lighted.  I have transcribed the whole register.