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The return of Abel Moysey Esq., Deputy to His Majesty's Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer, pursuant of an order of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 4th June 1823; - for,

An account, in Alphabetical order, each of the names and place of residence for every person nominated for any special jury cause, in the Courts of Exchequer, King's Bench , and Common Pleas.

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JACK John Sloane Street KAINE George West Street
JACKSON Richard Upper York Street KAYLER George Bedford Street
JACKSON Fisher Trafalgar Square KAYVETT William Upper Berkeley Street
JACKSON George Spencer Street KEATH Thomas York Buildings
JACKSON Henry Doughty Street KEENE John South Audley Street
JACKSON George Dorset Street KELL Robert Theobalds Road
JACKSON John Silver Street KELLY Thomas Prospect Place
JACKSON George Crescent Place KEMP John Tunbridge Place
JACOBS Joseph Thistle Grove, Little Chelsea KENDALL Henry Sidmouth Street
JAMES Thomas Paladine Houses KENDELL John Kensington Square
JAMES William Little Smith Street KENNADY John Burton Street
JAMESON William Upper Homerton KENT William Upper Norton Street
JARMAN Thomas Church Street Newington KENT John New North Street
JEANNERETT Henry Tunbridge Place KENT William Lower Clapton
JEANS Jacob Bridge Street KEPPEL John Westbourne Terrace
JEFFKIN Job Holywell Street KEPPELL James Gower Street
JEFFREY Herbet Mitchell Street, St. Luke's KERR George Norfolk Street
JEFFREY Charles Gloucester Place, Pancras KEYSELL Francis Broad Street
JEFFREYS Richard Gloucester Place KIER George Bridge Street
JEFFREYS William Oxford Street KIERNAN Francis Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury
JEFFRIES Thomas Newman Street KILGOURE George Highbury Grove
JENKINS John Carmarthen Street KILVERTON James Mare Street
JENKINS Thomas Colebrook Row KINDER William John Street
JENKINS Thomas Colebrook Row KING John Islington Road
JENKINS George Curtain Road KING Richard Han's Place
JENKINS John Gay's Inn Lane KING John Grosvenor Place
JENKINSON John Carmarthen Street KING John Islington Road
JENNERY James Bethnal Green Road KING Robert Maida Hill
JENNINGS William Philimore Place KING Thomas Warren Street
JENNINGS Thomas Lancaster Street KING George Holloway
JENNINGS William Worship Street KING Thomas Wells Row
JESSIP James Hammersmith KING William Welbeck Street
JOHNSON David Church Street, Hackney KING John Winchester Place
JOHNSON Edward Manchester Buildings KING Francis Benjamin Church Street
JOHNSON John Henry Tavistock Row KING George Cannonbury Lane
JOHNSON John Hornsey Row KINGDOM William Sloane Street
JOHNSON John Crouch End KINGSTON John Somerset Street
JOHNSON John Smith Street, Chelsea KINNERSLEY Thomas Canonbury Place
JOHNSON Samuel New Road KINNISON Peter South Street
JOHNSON John Mount Pleasant KIRKLAND Nugent Bennett Street
JOHNSON William Muswell Hill KIRKLAND John Old Quebec Street
JOHNSON Alexander Cannon Street Road KIRVIN Anthony Pall Mall
JOHNSTONE Dennis Long Acre KIRWAN Richard Pall Mall
JOLLAND Charles Brunswick Square KITE Francis Cumberland Street
JONES Daniel High Street, Kensington KNATCHBULL William Russell Place
JONES Evans Marchmont Street KNIGHT Richard Clapton Alley
JONES Charles Upper Fitzroy Street KNIGHT James Lewis Fulham
JONES William Clipstone Street KNIGHT John Upper Street
JONES John Percy Street KNIGHT Edward Sloane Street
JONES Richard Holborn KNIGHT William Euston Place
JONES William Fowler Cavendish Square KNIGHT John Strand
JONES Charles Gower Street KNIGHT William Euston Place
JONES William Warren Street KNIGHT Samuel Norton Falgate (Folgate)
JONES John Oxford Street KYLE James Devonshire Place
JONES David Kensington
JONES Thomas Old Bath Square
JONES Jacob Bridge Street
JONES John Tottenham Court Road
JONES John Lamb's Conduit Street
JONES William Gower's Walk
JONES Leonard London Street
JONES William Trinity Row, Islington
JONES John Bayne's Row
JONES James Park Place
JORDEN Andrew George Street
JORDEN Jeremiah Samuel Upper Pratt Street
JORDON William Upper Holloway
JOWERS Francis Bow
JUPP Joseph Old Bond Street
JURY William Great George Street