These three schools appear to be the same - with name changes over the years.

Superintendent                                Ralph Willoughby

Treasurer                                        George A Fenwick

Secretaries of the ladies Committee  Mrs R.S. Watson & Miss M. Lambert

Matron                                            Miss M.J. Dowman

Schoolmaster                                    J.H. Murphy

Asst. School master                           I Purvis

School mistress                                 Miss Grant

Asst. School mistress                        Miss Rose Bowey 

General Work Master                       Walter Dodd

Master Printer                                 James Hewitt

Master Shoemaker                           W Nicholson

Boy's Warden                                  W.J. Taylor

Band Master                                    J.H. Amers

Medical Officer                              Adam Wilson

The Ragged and Industrial School, off the City Rd., on the site formerly known as "Garth Heads" was established in Sandgate in 1847, its object then being simply to feed and educate 50 poor children, it was next removed to Gibson St., and subsequently to the present site.  It is a structure of brick with stone dressings and has dormitories for 140 boys and 60 girls: the average attendance in 1892 was 128 boys and 54 girls.  The children who live on the premises come under the provisions of the Industrial School and Elementary Education Act, other children attend during the day only receiving food and education and returning to their homes at night.  One half of the boys are under school instruction each day and the other half are employed in various industrial occupations, the boys in the workshops are under the care of trade instructors and a large amount of work is accomplished in printing, tailoring, shoemaking, sack making and fire wood chopping.  There is an excellent boys band of brass and reed instruments in connection with these schools a seaside home is maintained at Whitley and all well conducted children have the privilege of a holiday at the seaside in the cause of the year.  The school certified as an Industrial School in 1859 and under the inspection of the home office are managed by a committee of gentlemen - Hon. Sec's Dr. Robert Spence Watson and J.T. Oliver.