Was the School of Discipline until 1890

Originally certified 9th July 1859 for 40 girls.  Re-certified 8th March 1890, again for 40 girls, 

22nd March 1911 for 45 girls, 14th October 1912 for 50 girls.  It was re-certified again  in 1922 no figures available.  Cessation of certification or closure in October 1928.  Apparently the school was re-certified in 1929 for 35 girls.

It became an Approved School from 1933 for 35 girls.

Sir Joshua Jebb had lived on one of the premises used.


1903 - Miss Edgeller left 16th March 1903 and Miss Stevens has been superintendent since 17th March.  Schoolmistress Miss E.E. Davies.