Certified in 29th February1872 for 100 girls.  Re-certified 1906 for 85 girls, 17th December 1912 for 74 girls, 1918 for 75 girls and in 1923 for 75  which includes boys under 8.  Cessation of certification or closure December 1931.  Later called Dorset Children's' Home.  Also had an Auxiliary Home at 30 West Street, Poole, which was certified in1916 for 10 girls.

A former private house in the centre of town and a  former Reformatory School.


1872 - Matron Mrs Chappell; schoolmistress Miss Coles

1884 - Superintendent Miss E Saunders; schoolmistress Miss Knight; assistants, Miss Jessie Young and Miss Langabeer

1889 -  Matron Miss E Edwards

1891 - Superintendent Miss E Saunders; schoolmistress Miss Brown; assistant, Miss Haigh; assistant matron Miss Boardman.

1893 - Superintendent Miss E Saunders; schoolmistress Miss Brown; assistant, Miss Marsh; assistant matron Miss Boardman.

1895 -  Matron Miss E Saunders.

1900 - Superintendent Miss Johnstone, Miss Homer succeeded on 4th January Miss Brown as head teacher.  The latter left on 4th December 1899; assistant teacher Miss M Emery; Miss Law house-matron.

1903 - During 1903 there was a complete change of staff.  Miss S.D.C. Gabbett succeeded Miss Johnstone on 20th March 1903; Miss G Fulford joined as head teacher 1st August 1903, Miss Homer having left 18th May.  Miss M Walker is a present assistant teacher in place of Miss Emery, Miss J Hammond, late of Red Lodge is assistant matron, house-matron Miss Boardman; Laundress, Mrs Spencer.

1911 - Lady Superintendent Miss S. Gabbett; Matron Miss Gertrude Fulford.

1915 - Lady Superintendent Miss I Winkfield; Matron Miss Gertrude Fulford.