Certified 17th April, 1855 for 30 boys at Brampford Wood by a committee which included Sir S.H. Northcote, Bart, M.P., moved to Whipton.

Re-certified at Whipton, 14th September 1900 for 55 boys.  Became the DEVON & EXETER TRAINING APPROVED SCHOOL from 1933


1866-1884 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Harris.

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Harris; schoolmaster (non resident) Mr Porter

1893 - Mr & Mrs Harris who have been over 40 years in the school notified their intention to resign their situation in December.  They were succeeded by Mr & Mrs J.T. Stephens.

1900 - Superintendent and head schoolmaster Mr J.R. Sheppard; matron Mrs Sheppard; assistant matron Miss V Sinclair, appointed 23rd October 1899; evening schoolmaster Mr R Pike; Mr W.H. Newberry, labour master and drill instructor, appointed 29th January 1900

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Sheppard; assistant master Mr W.B. Smith. left August 5th 1902.  Mr Shaw was here from that date till 17th January 1903 when temporary assistance was obtained till the appointment on 4th April 1903, of Mr D.P.A. Ablewhite.