Certified 30th September 1880 for 200 children.

Purpose-built premises well arranged with ample space. The inspector commented, in his report 29th May 1884 that  "owing to the large building originally appropriated to the use of the Day Industrial School being utilised to about half its extend and capabilities, the Board resolved to occupy it as an upper grade school, and to transfer the Day Industrial School to adjoining premises formerly used as the upper grade school.  This change was expedient; but the Day Industrial School got the worst of the bargain.  The board has, however, doe its best to make the accommodation now provided suitable and sufficiently convenient, and the school is going on perfectly well in its new situation".

Cessation of certification of closure 18th April 1895.


1884 - Superintendent Miss M.I.McQuaker; assistant teachers Miss A. Draper and Miss W. Dewar.

1893 - Superintendent Miss M.J.McQuaker; assistant teachers Miss Draper, Miss Chaston and Miss Brown