Founded in 1872

A former Ragged School adapted by Mary Carpenter.  Certified 14/17th? April 1877 as the first day industrial school.  Closed 3rd/5th? October the same year.  The school moved to Silver Street, Temple Backs, Bristol and certified 3rd October 1877. 

It was re-certified 31st July 1883 for 40 children and again 29th May 1889, number of children unknown. Certified number fixed at 208 5th June 1903. Closed in 1917


1884 - Matron Mrs Cross; superintendent of school, Miss M. Kent; assistant superintendent Miss Hallett.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Barbara Ganson; assistants Miss Meikle, Miss Hallett, Miss Vowles and Miss Moore; caretaker Mr Westaway; cook and housekeeper Mrs Westaway.

1893 - Superintendent Miss B. Ganson; assistant teachers Miss Meikle, Miss Hallett, Miss Vowles, Miss Chard and Miss Wright; caretaker Mr Westaway; attendance officer Mr Lewis, who also takes the joiners' shop.

1901 - Superintendent Miss B Ganson; teachers Miss Hickey, Miss Sollis appointed 1st September 1899, Mrs Fryer and Miss Florence Mitchell the latter appointed in May is additional.  Caretaker and cook, Mr & Mrs Westaway,

1903 - Superintendent Miss B. Ganson; teachers Misses E.  Hickey, M. Sollis, F. Kennedy, G Bowyers and Mrs Fryer.