Later in Cashs Lane.

Founded in 1862. Certified January 1863 at Swan Street, Coventry. Re-certified 5th October 1889 for 32 girls at the new premises, 43 Leicester Street, Coventry.  Re-certified 1904 for 32 girls, 1905 the intake was increased to 50 girls, 1909 to 60 girls, 7th March 1911 increased to 70 girls and 25th November 1911 for 80 girls, on acquisition of adjacent house as an Auxiliary home in 1916 the number of girls was increased to 84.

The inspector reported that a special inquiry on the part of the Home Office was held at the school, June 13. 1893, to investigate a case of alleged excessive punishment of one of the inmates by the superintendent.  The case was finally regarded as one in which undue severity had been exercised, and the superintendent was called upon to send in her resignation.

From 1933 it became the Newfield Approved School .


1867 - Matron, Mrs Holland

.1868 - Matron, Mrs Holland

1869 - Matron, Mrs Holland.

1872 - Matron, Mrs Holland ; daily teacher Miss Newark.

1884 - Superintendent, Mrs Dalby; schoolmistress, Miss Wright.

1891 - Superintendent, Miss Camp; schoolmistress, Miss Pattinson

1893 - Superintendent, Miss Camp; schoolmistress, Miss Pattinson; general assistant F. Stahler.

1896 - Matron, Miss S. Goulding.

1900 - Superintendent, Miss Goulding; schoolmistress Miss A.E. Pattinson; house matron Miss Graham.

1903 - Superintendent, Miss Goulding; teacher Mrs A. Graham; house matron Miss J. Johnson.